Platsil Gel 10

85.50 IVA incl.


Platsil Gel 10 is a unique, 1:1 mix fast curing platinum/addition cure silicone that can be used for making molds, props and masks. With the addition of a Deadener, you can create silicone gel prosthetics and animatronic skins.

Platsil Gel 10 has a 5-6 minute working time and a 30 minute demold time, curing to a Shore A10 hardness. Use Platsil Gel 10 as a mold rubber or to create prosthetic appliances. Use the Smiths Deadener to eliminate the synthetic look and feel of ordinary silicone rubbers. Deadened Platsil Gel 10 can be made to look, feel and move like a variety of living tissue. Unlike silicone fluid, Smith’s Theatrical Prosthetic Deadener does not leach from the cured rubber/appliance so bonding and use are far easier.

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Peso 1000 g


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