Yummy Serum Skin Tint 4

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Inspired by the post facial glow look, this skincare infused skin tint smooths while supercharging your skin with nourishing ingredients. Our 16 flexible shades are optimized to subtly correct redness and smooth uneven texture.

Our Hydrating Serum Complex is a combination of ingredients that correct, hydrate, smooth with:

• Sodium Hyaluronate to deeply hydrate & restore moisture
• Vegan Collagen Peptides to smooth texture & plumps fine lines
• Ceramides to strengthen, repair & protect the skin barrier
• Cactus Extract antioxidant booster that hydrates and soothes
• Vegan Squalane to nourish and moisturize plus
• Sheer Pigments to balance & correct skin tone.

Squeeze • Swirl • Tap • Blend
Squeeze out a quarter sized amount, swirl your fingertips, a brush or a sponge, then tap onto the center of your face or wherever you have the most unevenness and then blend for an effortless finish that mimics a post facial glow.

45 ml.

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Peso 45 g


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